How often do I need to visit the dentist?

This varies from person to person, but generally, six monthly check-ups are encouraged to ensure maximum cleanliness and good health of teeth.

How will I know if your fees are affordable?

Quality dentistry always comes at a price, however, not only do we make sure that our fees are in line, but often cheaper, than that on offer elsewhere, but you will have any treatments explained fully before you accept them.

How can you make it easier for me to pay for my treatment?

We offer several means of payment: cash, credit card, debit card or finance, where qualified.

Do you offer Denplan?

This practice has a number of patients using the Denplan option, so this treatment is available to those wishing to use it.

How do I know that I will receive excellent service at your practice?

It is a fact that Dr Richter and his team pride themselves on ensuring you are happy with your treatment. However, you will still have an opportunity to make known any concerns or suggestions you may have, by filling in our patient questionnaire. We use this feedback to continue in areas where we’re achieving, but also to make changes where we’re not getting it perfect!

How will I complain if I’m dissatisfied or disappointed?

We have a complaints procedure, which you can enquire about from reception. In the first instance, we encourage you to discuss this directly with Dr Richter, but if you are not satisfied, please feel free to speak to the Practice Manger, Delcia.

Is there anything I can do to manage bad breath?

Bad breath is truly a common complaint. There are a number of ways to treat it, and some of them may be simple, like having a good scale and polish (clean) and then maintaining a daily hygiene routine. It is most certainly something you should discuss with Dr Richter.

My gums are bleeding, what might this mean?

Bleeding gums are the first sign of gum diseases. If it is a problem that persists, it will need treatment, and really the sooner-the-better. There are serious implications of severe gum diseases, so do follow this up when you can. A normal consultation will allow you discuss what treatment options you have.

How do I know whether placing an implant, crown, or bridge will mean that I get the smile I’d like?

It is usually possible to ensure that every patient is very satisfied with the outcome of these treatments. The cost of the materials and the fees associated with this are not cheap, so it’s only right that you expect that they make a difference. Good communication with your dentist will ensure that you make informed decisions and that your expectations are met.

Is tooth whitening effective every time, as well as safe?

The effects of tooth whitening vary to patient, and it is true that some teeth are just more suitable to the treatment than others. Dr Richter will be honest with you in what you can hope to achieve. He uses the best materials to ensure the best result in the safest possible way. Dr Richter does not advise you to have your teeth whitened without supervision by a dentist as the materials contain ingredients that can be harmful if applied wrongly.

I am absolutely terrified of dentists. How can you help me overcome this?

This is a very real problem for some people. Helping you to overcome these fears takes trust on your part and consistency and patience on the part of the dentist. This can take time, but there are of course ways to make it easier as you go along eg. various options for sedation, well trained staff, the Waterlase if you’re afraid of needles etc.