Nervous patients

There is a reason why there are so many jokes about dentists – simply put – there are many, many people who have very real fears about visiting a dentist.

Something that Dr Richter prides himself on, is the fact that he has over the years, managed to work with many phobic and anxious patients. Some of whom now undertake treatments with carefree confidence. This takes time though, and exceptional understanding, something we are prepared to offer here at Providence Dental.

Right from your first encounter with our practice, we hope the extra training undertaken by our receptionists, in dealing with people who are frightened, will ensure that you feel more at ease than you may have been otherwise.
Have a look at our Waterlase treatment as an option for nervous patients. This is a fantastic laser which allows a lot of work to be done without using injections or the drill. For some, even this will make you feel better.

For those that need it, we have options for various levels of sedation. Please feel that you can discuss this with any member of staff.