As well as offering treatments to prevent problems occurring in the mouth, and day to day dental treatments, we offer a comprehensive range of restorative and cosmetic options. Please browse our treatments below:

To make it easier, these appear in alphabetical order, so you can scroll down to your area of interest.


This is a similar process to a crown (see below), but may be used to replace several missing teeth, and involves attaching the replacement teeth to existing teeth using strong and well fitted clasps. This is a very good way of filling in gaps in the mouth and when looked after can be a good-looking and well-wearing solution for many years.

Check-ups and X Rays

We encourage regular oral checks, not just to maintain or improve the condition of your teeth, but also to do thorough soft tissue checks, and cancer checks. We make use of digital X Rays to ensure the diagnosis and treatment is accurate. It is Dr Richter’s firm belief that routine appointments are vital in giving the patient the best chance of avoiding expensive emergency treatment.

Children’s Dentistry

Being a father of five (ranging from little to grown up!), Dr Richter has a real interest in Children’s dentistry. What happens while they’re young will determine their teeth in later life.
He suggests that a young child is encouraged to come from the earliest possible age so that they learn that looking after their teeth and visiting the dentist is a painless and healthy routine.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry means we carry out work that is over and above just maintaining a healthy mouth. There are times when a patient has just had enough of the way they look and want to do something to bring about more confidence. Sometimes something really small can make a huge difference eg. Tooth whitening. Other times it can be just one tooth that is a different shape, length or alignment. Changing this one thing can make such a difference to a patient’s smile. These sorts of details are best discussed directly with Dr Richter. A full treatment plan is drawn up after a consultation explaining fully the treatment and the costs, prior to beginning the treatment.


When the body of a tooth cannot be saved, through decay or damage, a crown or cap can be placed which acts as a normal tooth, which stays in the mouth and should look very much like your other teeth. Placing a crown is usually done in stages, so may require more than one appointment.


Although every effort is taken to preserve any teeth, there are still many patients who need full or partial dentures where they have lost teeth. This means they wear a set of ‘false’ teeth that will be made to suit their mouth and face over a series of appointment. There are also flexible dentures available which allow for easier wear and fit.


Once cavities or ‘holes’ in the teeth have been cleaned up and all the caries removed, a tooth is filled with strong materials to ensure the area stays functional and healthy. Tooth-coloured fillings are offered to ensure the most pleasing appearance.


Implants are simply the most ‘life-like’ solution to having your own teeth in your mouth! If you have gaps, provided you have sufficient bone mass below gum, it is possible to permanently ‘screw’ in prosthetic teeth. They look and function almost exactly like your own teeth. Although an expensive treatment, most people are very happy with the outcome. Dr Richter will discuss the various stages of treatment directly with you.

Laser Dentistry

Not only does this often eliminate the need to use local anaesthetic (so no injections!) but you will also not have the noise or grinding of the traditional drill. This makes it an ideal treatment for nervous patients. By far the best feature of this high-tech equipment however, is that after complicated surgical procedures eg. wisdom tooth removal, there is so much less swelling and the risk of infection is significantly reduced as it is promotes healing. Fait to say this machine is Dr Richter’s ‘baby’! He’d be delighted to discuss it with you.

Periodontal / Gum Treatments

Periodontal Diseases, or Gum Diseases as they’re commonly known, are serious infections which can lead to all sorts of complications. It begins where the plaque on our teeth cause the gum to become inflamed. Symptoms can include: Bleeding gums; Bad breath; Loose teeth and Tooth loss. There are some very effective treatments available and Dr Richter will gladly discuss these options with you.

Root Canal

Simpy put, this is where the root of the tooth has been damaged by infection so it needs to have the nerve removed and the root treated and sealed. Often this procedure is followed by the placement of a
crown. Although once a feared treatment, there is no need, in this day and age, for a patient to feel any pain, rather minor discomfort.

Scaling and Polishing/Cleaning

Having your teeth professionally cleaned is something that everyone needs to do regularly. No amount of brushing, flossing and ‘mouth washing’ at home will eradicate all tartar build up on your teeth. By having this removed, you ensure optimum health of all your teeth as well as helping to eradicate bad breath. You will be encouraged to make use of this treatment regularly, though the frequency will vary from patient to patient.

Smile Makeovers

If you are particularly unhappy with the overall appearance of your smile, we offer complete service to help you in achieving your perfect smile. This is achieved often, by using many of the treatments already described eg. a crown, a few veneers, and then tooth whitening. It can also be a very large and complicated treatment whereby you choose to have most of your teeth worked on. This will be your decision, and one you’ll make after Dr Richter has spent time explaining your many options to you. Once you’ve decided, it is important that you’re committed, along with him, to achieve your goals.

Tooth Whitening

Tooth whitening is very effective in brightening up a tired smile! Well worth looking into now days, as there are several options available – different ones for every budget, from home kits, to quick top quality surgery treatments. Be careful to use someone qualified when you look into having whitening as someone who isn’t trained can cause considerable damage!


This term is becoming more common amongst patients, as it is a frequently talked about treatment when doing cosmetic surgery. It involves removing some parts of the tooth, which are replaced using matching materials to ensure clean and healthy looking teeth. Patients may also choose this option when trying to resolve the problem of crooked or misshapen teeth.

Wisdom Teeth extractions and other dental surgery

It has to be said that this is Dr Richter’s area of special interest. Having done a year of continued study doing maxilla-facial surgery in a number of hospitals just after qualifying, he is experienced in this field and it is probably the area he enjoys most.
Now, using the Waterlase laser, these treatments, once feared by patients, have become far more tolerable and the recovery period is significantly quicker, with swelling and pain reduced due to the healing effects of the Waterlase.